An Autopsy is a scientific investigation of a deceased persons organs and tissues. *Note: Only organs and tissues viewed will be examined and sampled as established within the autopsy authorization. 

Anatomy is the study of normal tissues, organs and structures. Pathology is the study of changes that take place in tissues, organs and structures with any disease process. A Pathologist is a Medical Doctor trained in Pathology. Pathologist use highly trained and skilled Associates and Pathologist Assistants to provide the highest level of expertise and experience to the performance of the autopsy.

An autopsy is the ultimate "Final Diagnosis".

An Autopsy is best performed soon following the death, and before embalming, especially if toxicological studies are indicated. Toxicology is the scientific analysis of blood, urine and body fluids for chemicals, medications and drugs.  (Toxicology is not a normal part of an autopsy but, is available. Please call for availability and pricing.)  Any and all pathological changes are recorded via notes,weights, measurements and/or photographs. Tissue samples are taken that are processed through a computerized tissue processor and are made into slides by Histotechnologists. The slides are looked at under a microscope and the Pathologist generates a final report based on what is seen through the microscope and correlated with information from the family, police, medical records and what was observed at the actual procedure. Only tissues and organs observed and sampled will be included in the final report.  We will work with the family to answer their questions. We will remain available to explain the final report to the family in understandable terms via email. Please use the Contact Us link.

*Note: The family has the ability to limit the scope of the autopsy as established within the autopsy authorization. As an example, they might not wish to have the brain examined, or, they might wish only the brain or specific organs be examined.  Before such a limitation, it might be wise for them to speak with their attorney before making this important decision.

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